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CDI Exloo: Top results for Marten Luiten, Marlies van Baalen and Devenda Dijkstra

CDI Exloo

CDI Exloo: Top results for Marten Luiten, Marlies van Baalen and Devenda Dijkstra

CDI Exloo: Top results for Marten Luiten, Marlies van Baalen and Devenda Dijkstra

The Juniors opened the day at Hippisch Centrum Exloo, the Netherlands, early with their team competition test. Yasmin Westerink won the class with Dibert L (s. Vivaldi), riding to 70.354%. The Swedish rider Laura Laustsen finished second with the Friedensritter-gelding Fairy Tale (70.354%). Third place was for Maddy Dijkshoorn and the Abercrombie-gelding Appstore, following closely behind with 70.303%.

Yasmin Westerink – Dibert L CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

In the Children preliminary competition Britt Kikkert-van der Linde took a convincing lead of 80.500% with Dark Knight Texel (s. Wynton). Eliev Verstappen and the routinier Happy Feet (s. Tuschinski) finished second with 78.661% and Sophie van Iwaarden and Hermes Mithras (s. Abanos) grabbed the third spot with 77.625%.

Britt Kikkert van der Linde – Dark Knight Texel CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

Riding Le Formidable (s. FS Champion de Luxe), Nina van Rooij won yesterday’s Pony-competition with 71.857%. Second place went to Isabella Karajkovic and First Hummer, scoring 71.191%. Kyra Hingstman and Goldwyn (s. Golden Rock) took hold of third place with 70.666%.

Nina van Rooij – Le Formidable CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

With 71.275% Robin Heiden took the victory in the Young Riders-class with Gasmonkey (s. Tuschinski). Chiel van Bedaf and the Glock’s Toto Jr.-offspring Key-West Texel finished second with 70.294%. The jury put Margje Janssen and Elma (s. Jazz) in third place, scoring their performance to 69.804%.

Robin Heiden – Gasmonkey CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

Marten Luiten and Fynona are having a top weekend, winning another class yesterdag. With the Ampere-mare he won the U25 Grand Prix with 72.265%. Thea Bech, competing for Denmark, grabbed second place with Dionisos (s. Spielberg). The pair scored 72.008%. Quinty Vossers and Hummer (s. Charmeur) scored 70.000% and a third place finish.

Marten Luiten – Fynona CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

Young horses

Not only the youth riders competed yesterday, also the young horses appeared in the arena. The CDIYH for five-year-olds was won by Nanny McPhee, ridden by Judith Ribbels. The mare, sired by Vitalis, scored a very convincing 82.000%. Meike Lang, riding for Germany, rode her Glock’s Toto Jr.-mare Nikky to 75.200%. The presentation of Nequeen (s. Glock’s Trafalgar) by Spanish Cecile-Esther Vicente Borgmann was awarded with 74.200% and a third place finish.

Judith Ribbels – Nanny Mc Phee CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

The six-year-old class was won by Lotje Schoots and Mufasa (79.400%). Schoots also scored a second place with Irvin (s. Inspire) with 76.400%. Marjan Hooge and Don Diny (s. Don Noblesse) finished third today with 73.200%.

Lotje Schoots – Mufasa CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

Small and big tour

Joyce van Rooijen-Heuitink and Gaudi Vita (s. Apache) won the CDI1* Small Tour Inter I in unanimous fashion, scoring 74.118%. Second place was for Diederik van Silfhout and Dante US (s. Dante Weltino OLD) with 71.373%. Another third place for Quinty Vossers, this time with her Everdale-offspring Inferno, putting 70.490% on the scoreboard.

Joyce van Rooijen Heuitink – Gaudi Vita CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

Like yesterday, the CDI3* Big Tour Grand Prix Special was won by Marlies van Baalen and Habibi DVB (s. Blue Hors Don Schufro) with 74.979%. Hans Peter Minderhoud and Invictus (s. Jack Sparrow) finished second with 73.979%. Third place went to the Australian-rider William Matthew with Mysterious Star (s. Metall). The pair scored 70.894%.

Marlies van Baalen – Habibi DVB CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

Devenda Dijkstra and Hero (s. Johnson TN) won the Grand Prix Freestyle with 73.475%. Germany’s Meike Lang and Ferrabeau finished second with 71.485% and the third place in the kür was for Karoline Louise Skøt and Midtgaards Zamir (s. Zardin Firfod) from Denmark with 70.820%.

Source: DigiShots News

Devenda Dijkstra – Hero CDI Exloo 2023 © DigiShots

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