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CDI Lier: Kittel’s student Luca Sophia Collin triumphs in U25 Freestyle

CDI Lier

CDI Lier: Kittel’s student Luca Sophia Collin triumphs in U25 Freestyle

CDI Lier: Kittel’s student Luca Sophia Collin triumphs in U25 Freestyle

It was a delight today! The horses were ridden with great harmony and relaxation by the youth riders. Today’s highlight was the U25 Freestyle, this class was won by the German Luca Sophia Collin and her fantastic Fuhur 6 (Fürstenreich).

With a great score of 76.758% Luca Sophia stood out by more than 2,5% and secured her second victory of this week. “He’s been injured the whole last season, so I’m really really happy he’s so good on track”, is her first reaction. And she has got some loving words about her partner in crime. “He’s a really sweet guy to be honest. If I you do a mistake he’s also like ‘it’s ok, let’s do it again’. This is our first season together, we have had a few competitions before. He’s a good teacher and became Swedish Champion with my trainer, Patrik Kittel. I’ll definitely come back next year, it’s so nice to be here. The atmosphere is super nice.”

Luca Sophia Collin (GER) – Fuhur 6 CDI Lier 2024 © DigiShots

3* Grand Prix debut

Fuhur 6 isn’t the only horse Luca Sophia brought to Lier. Tomorrow she will make her 3* Grand Prix debut with her former U25 horse Ferrero D (Tuschinski). “He’s a little bit more a special horse, but he is really fun. I’m not expecting anything, but it will be fun. I’m excited to make my debut at Grand Prix level.”

Results U25

The Belgian Amber van den Steen became second in today’s Freestyle with her horse Fame (Ampere), scoring 74.142%. The Freestyle of the Dutch Rowena Weggelaar and Don Quichot (United) was rewarded with 73.550% and a third place.

Amber van den Steen (BEL) – Fame CDI Lier 2024 © DigiShots

Junior successes

A third, second and now a first place for the German Alix von Borries, she didn’t expect to win at all today. “It’s only my second international competition in general, with her, for me, so I’m very very happy and grateful.” Feingefuehl (Fuerstenball), Alix her mare, dances into a score of 75.700% and secured the win. “She really has her own opinion, she’s a real mare, but when you have her on your side, she just does everything. It was amazing today, she felt really good and I love my music.” Kebie Raaijmakers and her Kevita (s.Negro) ending up second, scoring 74.558%. Followed by Clara Cordes Arnkjaer from Denmark, she scored 73.808% with Brianna (Boegegaardens Boney M).

Alix von Borries (GER) – Feingefuehl CDI Lier 2024 © DigiShots

Young Riders

After a third and second place earlier this week for Amanda Lindholmm and Tiramisu (Tailormade Temptation), they were unbeatable in today’s Freestyle. With a score of 75.267% they lead the lap of honor. Followed by yesterday’s winner Lana-Pinou Baumgürtel and Zinq Emma (Escolar), scoring 72.692%. Tuesday’s winner Wynja Eriksdotter Rubin and El Diablo completed the stage and became third with a score of 71.750%.

Amanda Lindholm – Tiramisu CDI Lier 2024 © DigiShots

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