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Twofold U25-winner Zoë Kuintjes uses CDI Lier as stepping stone for EC U25 CDI Lier

CDI Lier

Twofold U25-winner Zoë Kuintjes uses CDI Lier as stepping stone for EC U25 CDI Lier

Twofold U25-winner Zoë Kuintjes uses CDI Lier as stepping stone for EC U25 CDI Lier

Twenty-two-year old Zoë Kuintjes has been riding in the U25 since last year. Earlier this year, she also made her Grand Prix debut. At CDI Lier, she won both U25 classes and told us that she will start her own stables.

Zoë Kuintjes experienced how fast things can go. Since last year, she has been a combination with Cupido, who is owned by RS2 Dressage. With the former Grand Prix horse of Seth Bosman and Robin van Lierop, the intention was to quietly gain experience, but ended in a reserve spot for the U25 European Championship team. “That experience helps us this season”, says the enthusiastic rider.

“Early this year I rode at Amsterdam, now at Lier and then I hope to go to Aachen in a few weeks’ time so that we can get the right form for the qualifications for the EC. I really want to focus with Cupido on the U25 this year and to ride some nice competitions.”

According to Zoë, one of those nice competitions is CDI Lier. It’s marked in her agenda. “CDI Lier is well organized and you get the change to ride in a beautiful entourage. The first year I came here with my pony and since then I always try to participate there. And of course, it is extra nice to win here, especially in the U25.” Both days she managed to win the U25 tests by about two percent difference. Tomorrow the Freestyle is on the programme.

Riding Grand Prix is something different than riding U25, Zoë found out recently. “Yes, that was a bit tough,” she laughs. “Cupido already knows what to do and it came out that way to start Grand Prix now. I thought he could also possibly help me through the test if necessary.” And was that necessary? “Well, it’s really different from a U25 test anyway. You have the same exercises but it’s still a bit tough. Cupido knew very well what he had to do so our score of 69% was not bad at all, but there were still some bumps in it. It was really nice to get this experience in advance.”

Zoë’s focus is not just on U25 riding this year. From April 1st, Kirsten Brouwer’s former stable rider will start her own dressage stable. “I got so many requests that it became increasingly difficult to continue riding at Brouwer Stables. So that’s why I decided to start my own dressage business.” She hopes to combine the international competitions with some younger horses to train. ” I do really enjoy riding internationally, especially now that I have Cupido. Next to that, I would like to train horses for clients. Training young horses also really gives me a lot of pleasure.” And ultimately? “I would like to compete successfully at the seniors,” Zoë concludes.

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