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Leanjo’s Favourite: ‘Juan Matute Guimón’

Photo of the Day

Leanjo’s Favourite: ‘Juan Matute Guimón’

Leanjo’s Favourite: ‘Juan Matute Guimón’

Many of the photographs we take at national and international equestrian events can be seen in our articles and social media posts. But sometimes a photo deserves a little more attention, either because the beauty of the shot, the importance of the moment captured or simply because it made us laugh! After sharing Dirk Caremans’ selection of favourite photos he took during the Tokyo Olympics, we thought it’d be fun to continue the series… and share with you our very favourite photos taken throughout the year!

Photographing all that’s happening at the holy grounds of CHIO Aachen this week, Leanjo’s favourite photo of the day simple had to been taken there. Today, he picked this one of the young and talented Spanish dressage rider Juan Matute Guimón after his test with the Hannoverian Quantico (v. Fighting Fit). Last year, at just twenty-two years old, he suffered a disastrous stroke. Shocking the entire equestrian community, a seemingly fit and healthy Juan was left in a coma for weeks, fighting for his life. With just a 1% chance to ever make a full recovery, he underwent a pioneering neurological surgery. He proved to be amongst the lucky 1% and just within a couple of months he was back in the saddle and back competing. Knowing this, it makes it even more amazing seeming him back at the top of the sport and proudly treading Aachen’s turf this past week.

Juan Matute Guimon – Quantico World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen 2021 © DigiShots

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