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In the picture: Willem Greve & Carambole’s career in 10 photos

Jumping Amsterdam

In the picture: Willem Greve & Carambole’s career in 10 photos

In the picture: Willem Greve & Carambole’s career in 10 photos

Tonight, Willem Greve’s Cassino-stallion Carambole will enter the Amsterdam arena for the final time. Exactly eight years after winning the Grand Prix of Amsterdam, the Holstein stallion will be given a warm farewell of the sport. The last time the stallion appeared in the arena was in 2021, during the Nations Cup Finale in Barcelona, jumping the Dutch team to victory.

To honor Carambole’s impressive career, we took a dive in our photo archive and share with you some of our favorite photographs taken of the stallion.

1. A young Carambole (and a young Willem Greve) in 2008

At the GMB Hengstencompetitie in Roosendaal, taking home the victory in the 1.10 meter class. It was 2008 when Willem Greve and Carambole started their competitive career together.

2. In 2010 in the 1.30 meter for six-year-olds at CH Eindhoven

Greve Willem (NED) – Carambole CH Eindhoven 2010 © DigiShots

3. At ICNN Drachten in 2012

Willem Greve – Carambole ICNN Drachten 2012 © DigiShots

4. Winning the Grand Prix of Amsterdam in 2015

An incredibly proud Willem Greve and a curious Carambole enjoying the award ceremony after winning the Grand Prix during Jumping Amsterdam in 2015.

5. Knees up and eyes on the prize

6. Another win to add to the list. Willem could always trust on Carambole giving him all he got.

7. Willem Greve and Carambole represented The Netherlands in multiple Nations Cup-competitions

8. Willem Greve and Carambole during CSIO Rotterdam, The Netherlands

9. Between 2008 and 2021 Greve and Carambole bond showed through, many clears and many wins.

10. Even when the world was put to a stop, Willem and Carambole continued to show top form. Here they’re competing during a publicly closed Covid-edition of The Dutch Masters in 2021.

Bonus: Of course, there’s no ‘i’ in team. Behind every victory there’s a hard working team, including Carambole’s trusty groom Daniel.

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