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Dutch Olympic teams announced


Dutch Olympic teams announced

Dutch Olympic teams announced

The Dutch federation KNHS just announced its teams for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Chef d’equipe Alex van Silfhout will bring Edward Gal and Glock’s Total US, Hans Peter Minderhoud with Glock’s Dreamboy N.O.P. and Marlies van Baalen with Go Legend with him to Japan. Dinja van Liere will be travelling reserve with Haute Couture, after receiving the news that her horse Hermes will definitely not be able to represent the country. Glock’s Toto Jr. N.O.P. will be Edward Gal’s reserve and join quarantaine with the other horses.

Edward Gal – Glock’s Total U.S. CHIO Rotterdam 2021 © DigiShots

Rob Ehrens selected Maikel van der Vleuten with Beauville Z, Marc Houtzager with Sterrehof’s Dante N.O.P. and Harrie Smolders with Dolinn N.O.P.. Willem Greve and Zypria S N.O.P. will be travelling reserve. Smolders will also bring his horse Bingo du Parc with him in quarantaine.

Maikel van der Vleuten – Beauville Z CHIO Rotterdam 2021 © DigiShots

Chef d’equipe Andrew Heffernan selected Merel Blom with The Quizmaster and Janneke Boonzaaijer with ACSI Champ de Tailleur to represent the country in the discipline of eventing.

You’ll be able to find a video of the selected riders here.

Source: KNHS

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