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Oliver Townend takes the lead after thrilling Tokyo cross country

Tokyo Olympics

Oliver Townend takes the lead after thrilling Tokyo cross country

Oliver Townend takes the lead after thrilling Tokyo cross country

At 7:45 local Tokyo time our favourite four-legged eventing athletes made their way to the start line of the Olympic cross country. It was the second start of the day, Oliver Townend for Great Britain that takes over the lead from Michael Jung, riding Ballaghmor Class. In second is Julia Krajewski with Amande de B’Neville for Germany with another British rider in third place: Laura Collett and London 52. With that brilliant result, Great Britain is taking the lead in the team competition, followed by Australia and France.

A beautiful and challenging cross country course saw a well-balanced number of riders remaining clear and well within the time allowed. It were fence 14 and 18 that counted for quite a few mishaps, even catching out Michael Jung, who was in the lead after dressage. DigiShots was here to watch the spectacle with you, blogging live along the way. You’ll be able to read that blog – as it happened – down below.

Collett Laura, GBR, London 52, 230 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

Live blog

Today’s cross country event will take place on Sea Forest Island a piece of reclaimed land in Tokyo harbour. The distance of the course is set at 4420 meters with a total of 23 obstacles in 36 efforts. The time allowed is 7:45 minutes and the time limit is set at 15:30 minutes, averaging to a pace of 570 meters per minute. At the start of the event it’s about 27 degrees Celsius with a welcoming light breeze.

Ahead of the start, team Sweden announced the substitution of Ludwig Svennerstal and Balham Mist due to a minor horse injury. Sara Algontsson Ostholt and Chicuelo will replace their teammate.

Lara de Liedekerke-Meier (BEL) was unfortunately forced to withdrawn her horse Alpaga D’Arville from competing in the eventing because of a small injury as well.

And we’re off

1. At 7:45 it’s Arinadtha Chavatanont (THA) and Boleybawn Prince (v. Colin Diamond) taking the first start. It wasn’t meant to be for the combination though, as the pair made a very unfortunate tumble at the first water obstacle (fence five). Thankfully both of them walked away seemingly alright.

2. Oliver Townend for Great Britain was next. Riding Ballaghmor Class (v. Courage II). Five seconds inside the optimal time the Brit put in a faultless lap, holding tightly onto their silver individual medal with a total of 23,60 penalties.

3. For the USA, Dough Payne and Vandiver (v. Windfall 2) started next. With a total time of 8:02 minutes went slightly over the optimal time: he added 6,80 penalties to his otherwise faultless ride. He’s on a total of 39,80 penalties now.

4. Felix Vogg (SUI) and Colero (v. Captain Fire) are the first combination to start for Switzerland. They came home safely with 0,80 time penalties added to their score, however knocked the safety system at fence 18 adding 11 penalties to their score. With that they’re coming to 38,50 points.

5. Number one from Japan, Kazuma Tomoto and Vince de La Vigne (v. Esterel des Bois SF) put in a faultless effort too. They went a little over time and added 1,60 penalties to their dressage score, coming to 27,50 points as well.

Townend Olivier, GBR, Ballaghmore Class, 232 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

6. Shane Rose for Australia rode Virgil (v. Vivant) showing how it’s done by remaining well within the time, staying on his 31,70 penalty points.

7. For China, Alex Hua Tian adds 12 penalties to his score, coming to 35,90 points. His Don Geniro (v. Don Kennedy) came home safely without any faults.

8. Losing a shoe early in the course Joanna Pawlak (POL) and her brave mare Fantastic Frieda (v. For Edition) still seemed happy to continue a little longer. The combination wasn’t the quickest adding 45,20 penalties to their score, coming to a total of 85,70 points.

9. A very unfortunate fall for Swedish rider Therese Viklund at fence 18C. With the deployment of her airvest, the pair walked home safely, with Viscera (v. Fidertanz 2) making a bit of a head start towards the stables. They’ll be eliminated from the cross country.

10. The first rider for France, Christopher Six, rode his grey gelding Totem de Brecey to a beautiful round, just a few seconds over time. He came to a total of 31,20 points.

11. For Italy Vittoria Panizzon and Super Cillious (v. Deanes San Ciro Hit) just 3,60 penalties were added to their score, coming to a total of 42,20 points.

12. The eyecatching dun gelding Flamenco (v. Tullabeg Fusion) knocked fence 14C and came in a little over time adding a total of 13 penalties to the score. With that the rider from Ireland, Sam Watson, is now on a total of 47,30 penalties.

Price Jonelle, NZL, Grovine de Reve, 255 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

13. New Zealand rider Jonelle Price put in a wonderful faultless lap staying a little over the time allowed. She came to a current score of 32,70 seconds, riding the thirteen year old Grovine de Reve (v. Hermea de Reve).

14. A wonderful cross country round for Julia Krajewski (GER) and Amande de B’Neville. The combination came home safely, just a second over the time allowed. They’re currently at 25,60 penalties.

15. Marcelo Tosi and Glenfly for Brazil added 8,80 penalties to their score, coming to 40.30 points.

Krajewski Julia, GER, Amande de B Neville, 236 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

16. With the first team riders done, we’re onto the first lot of individual participants. First is Alexandre Zelekno (BLR) with Carlo Grande Jr. (v. Carlo Grande). They took a couple of long ways around and came to a halt at the Dragonfly Water and therefore came to 61,60 penalties. Added to their dressage score, they’re now at 92,60 points.

17. A faultless ride for Canada by Colleen Loach and Qorry Blue D’Argouges. They were a little over the ideal time, ending on 42,80 points heading into tomorrow’s showjumping.

18. A near tumble for Miloslav Prihoda Jr. but the rider from the Czech Republic luckily enough remained seated in the saddle of his Ferreolus Lat. He comes to a total of 30,60 penalties and a final score of 64,40 points.

19. Lauren Billys (PUR) had a little run past fence 11B and soon after decided it was better to retire her Castle Larchfield Purdy as the Karistos-gelding seemed a little empty.

20. Some difficulties on course brings Francisco Gavino Gonzalez (ESP) and Source de la Faye to a total of 55,60 penalties and an overall score of 103,30.

21. The amazing little twenty-year old stallion Tayberry put in a lovely cross country round with his rider for Hong Kong Thomas Heffernan. They came to 55,60 penalties and a total of 102,30 points after the first two parts of their Tokyo eventing adventure.

22. Fouaad Mirza (IND) and Seigneur (v. Seigneur D’Alleray XX) started their round a little later than their original starting time. They completed their lap with 11,20 penalties, coming to a total of 39,20 points going into the showjumping on Monday.

23. Peter T. Flarup (DEN) took a slip on water fence 11B, having Fascination (v. Favorit Ask) needing a little time to figure out how to get his legs back on the ground. He however manage to do so safely and continued to complete their round with 67,20 penalties coming to 100,90 points in total.

24. A fantastic effort for the youngest rider participating in the Olympic eventing, Lea Siegl for Austria. She completed her wonderful ride with just 2,40 penalties. With that the young talent and her DSP Fighting Line (v. Ostermond XX) come to an impressive total of 35,00 penalties.

25. Nearing the finish line, Weerapat Pitakanonda (THA) made an unfortunate fall off his Carival March, eliminating themselves from the cross country.

Ho Heffernan Thomas, HKG, Tayberry, 237 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

26. Back to the team riders. Laura Collett and London 52 put in a wonderful lap, staying well within the time allowed. Happy and eager to go for a lap more the pair will be heading into tomorrow’s showjumping with just 25,80 points.

27. Being held on course after Pitakanonda’s fall, Phillip Dutton (USA) and Z (v. Asca) made a bit of an adventurous leap over the water fence at 11B, yet put in a lovely faultless ride with just 4,80 penalties for going over time. They’re at a total of 35,30 points now.

28. A fault at 14C brings Swiss rider Melody Johner and Toubleu de Rueire to a penalty score of 11,40. They’re now ranking a total of 36,50 points just ahead of their team mate Felix Vogg.

Johner Mélody, SUI, Toubleu de Rueire, 267 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

29. The combination for Japan, Toshiyuki Tanaka and Talma D’Allou (v. Opium de Talma) had some troubles at the water fence 20 on their way home. They come to a total of 30,80 points, scoring 63,50 in total.

30. The second rider for Australia, Kevin McNab, rode his Don Quidam (v. Quidam) through a beautiful faultless course adding just 2,80 penalties to their total of 34,90.

31. Lady Chin van ‘t Moereven Z, ridden by Huadong Sun (CHN), broke a piece of her breastplate early on in their round, slowing down the lovely Lord Chin-mare just a little. The mare however remained as lightfooted as she could and didn’t make any jumping faults. The combination collected 42,00 time penalties, coming to a total of 77,20 points.

32. Another refusal in the water at fence 14: Malgorzata Cybulska (POL) and Chenaro 2 came to a total of 51,20 penalties, ending with 82,20 overall.

33. A knock to the fence at 14C and a refusal at 18B put Louise Romeike for Sweden and Cato 60 at a total of 41 penalties. They’re at a total now of 69,00 points.

34. The second rider for France, Nicolas Touzaint and Absolut Gold, rode an absolute gold round. They added just a small time penalty to their score, coming to a total of 33,50 points.

35. Italian rider Suzanna Bordone and Imperial van de Houtakker (v. Quidam de Revel) touched 14C as well, but finished their cross country well within the time allowed. Their total score is at 44,90 points heading into tomorrow’s showjumping.

36. Austin O’Connor (IRL) and the grey twelve year old gelding Colorado Blue (v. Jaguar Mail) for Ireland took a flag with them here and there, but didn’t knock down any fences and with a bit of a sprint through the finish line, he stayed on his dressage score of 38,00 penalties.

37. Jesse Campbell (NZL) put in a clear round with Diachello, adding 14,40 points to their score. They’re at a total of 44,50 penalties now.

38. A disappointing result for Sandra Auffarth (GER) with a refusal of her Viamant du Matz at fence 9. The chestnut Diamant de Semilly-gelding seemed a bit overly eager, not really allowing his rider to put him to the perfect spot for take-off. With 2,40 time penalties en 20,00 jumping penalties, they come to a total score of 56,50 ponies.

39. Rafael Mamprin Losano (BRA) and Fuiloda G had to retire with their eyes on the finish line, as the mare seemed to have lost all the energy to continue any further.

Touzaint Nicolas, FRA, Absolut Gold, 228 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

40. With the Brazilian rider’s round coming to an early finish, we’re back to the individuals. Victoria Scott-Legendre is riding her Valtho Des Peuplies (v. Tinka’s Boy) for South-Africa. They put in a lovely effort, adding 19,80 penalties to their score.

41. One of two individuals for The Netherlands, Janneke Boonzaaijer and Champ de Tailleur (v. Quidam de Revel) knocked the dreaded pin of fence 14 and added a refusal at 18C to their total. With 42,60 penalties added, they’re now at 75,60 points. Update: Janneke Boonzaaijer and Champ de Tailleur have been eliminated after the course, due to riding an incorrect alternative after their refusal at fence 18.

42. Andrey Mitin (ROC) and Gurza remained faultless, adding 30,00 time penalties to their dressage score.

43. Miroslav Trunda (CZE) and Shutterflyke added a refusal on 19C to their total penalty score of 66 penalties. They’re now at a total of 112,10 points.

44. An error on course – by jumping 8B in the first water complex twice, after a split second decision to go for the alternative – caused Merel Blom (NED) to be eliminated from the cross country. What a huge disappointment for the Dutch rider, who was well on her way to a lovely clear round.

45. Mikhail Nastenko (ROC) and MP Imagine IF add 76,40 penalties to their dressage score, now standing at 119,40.

46. The last individual competitior to come to the start today, Nicolas Wettstein (ECU) finished with 48,40 penalties riding his Altier D’Aurois (v. Sisley de la Tour Vidal). Including their dressage score, they’re now at 89,30 points.

Blom Merel, NED, The Quizmaster, 251 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021
Boonzaaijer Janneke, NED, Champ de Tailleur, 252 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

47. Korntawat Samran is the final rider competing for the Thai team today. Riding the Dutch warmblood gelding Bonero K (v. Son de Niro) he was unfortunately eliminated after two refusals.

49. What an amazing, powerful round by Boyd Martin for the USA. He added just 3,20 penalties to his dressage score. With Tsetserleg TSF he’s now at 34,30 penalties.

50. Robin Godel and Jet Set are last to start for Switzerland. The combination was eliminated after an incident with the finishing line in sight. After quite a timely hold on course, the news comes out that both Godel and Jet Set are said to be up and alright. Update: With incredible sadness the FEI has later announced that Jet Set has been euthanized due to injuries suffered on the course.

51. A bit of a near tumble in the water at fence 5C for Japanse rider Yoshiaki Oiwa and Calle 44 and an eventual elimination after a fall at the Fuij Mountain drop.

52. Eight-time Olympian Andrew Hoy and Vassily de Lassos are Australia’s final start of today. After being held on course due to the elimination of Robin Godel, today’s oldest participant completes his cross country with a wonderful speedy clear round. Without any penalties to add, they remain on their dressage score of 29,60 points.

Hoy Andrew, AUS, Vassily De Lassos, 201 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

53. Competing for the Chinese team, Yingfeng Bao saddled the Westphalian mare Flandia 2 (v. Fidertanz 2). The pair collect 38,00 time penalties along the way, coming to a total score of 72,50 penalty points.

54. Jan Kaminski and Jard make a flying start for Poland. The combination puts in a clear round, adding 12,80 penalties to its score. They’re currently sitting on 45,90 points.

55. After an elimination of Therese Viklund, the Swedish substitute rider Sara Algottson Ostholt and Chicuelo (v. Click and Cash 1155) will no longer get to take their place competing for the Swedish team and thus not start the cross country,

56. The final combination for France, Karim Florent Laghouag and Triton Fontaine (v. Gentelman IV) stayed clear. They’re sitting at 32,40 points now going into Monday’s showjumping round.

57. Arianna Schivo (ITA) and Quefira de L’Ormeau rode a lovely clear round. They add just 2,80 time penalties to their score, leaving them at 45,70.

58. Sarah Ennis is last to start for Ireland. Riding Woodcourt Garrison she had a refusal at 16C, but otherwise remained clear. They added 37,60 points to their dressage score.

59. Leaving some of the very best event riders of the world to last, kiwi-rider Tim Price (NZL) leaves the startbox riding Vitali (v. Contender). And well, what else to expect then a beautiful clear round? The pair finished with 1,20 penalties to a total of 26,80 points.

60. Leading the leaderboard after the dressage, Germany’s reining Olympic gold medalist Michael Jung is up next. With Chipmunk FRH (v. Contendro I) he scored 21,10 in dressage. As it seems, not even Jung can withstand that dreaded pin at fence 14C. An unlucky touch adds a costly 11 penalties to his dressage total. With that, the combination slips back to place 10 with a total of 32,10 points.

61. The final cross country start, Carlos Parro (BRA) and Goliath finish their lap with 22,80 penalties, scoring 58,90 in total.

Jung Michael, GER, Fisher Chipmunk FRH, 235 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021
Price Tim, NZL, Vitali, 256 Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 © Hippo Foto – Dirk Caremans 01/08/2021

You’ll be able to find all the results of today’s cross country on the official website of the Olympics, over here.

Source: DigiShots News
Photos: Dirk Caremans – Hippo Foto

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